Our Tours and Gatherings

We are NOT just virtual internet riders ... "VE Vil RIDE!"   That is our Gathering Mantra... We meet up and explore our real life relationships

that have grown into so much more... a Tribe of multiple generations! 

Oh the things we have seen, and the places we'll go- so many miles shared, some high and lows.   What long strange trips and fun fellowship we've shared. 

2007. It all began with the Effingham 5.

2008. Thru Canada to Maine.​

2009. South Dakota. First Gathering.

2010.  North Carolina/ Deals Gap

2011.  Colorado Mountains

2012.  Northwoods Upper Wisconsin

2013 The Hills of Rome Georgia

2014. Oregon Coast

2015. White River Arkansas

2016.  White Mountains NH

2017.  Manitowish Waters, Wis
2018.  Dragon Tail Area (TN-NC)           also in 
2018  Solstice Rebel Ride
            (Four Corners).
2019  Rapid City SD        


2020  Colorado        Up Next! 
*Specific dates, location and details have been determined.  Log in for full details

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