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Our conundrum... The question is often asked: Are we a motorcycle club who share varied forms of paganism... or a pagan group with a motorcycling problem?  I think the answer is different to each person... depending of what part of their life it feeds.

GROUP ETIQUETTE: First, a word on group etiquette. More so then with many other groups, Ancient Riders is a family! While sometimes we may (and often do!) disagree with one another, we ALWAYS show the utmost respect for one another's beliefs and ideas. Feel free to voice your opinions here - you will be respected for them. But please also respect the opinions of others. Part of what makes the Ancient Riders special, is that we are all on a Pagan path of one form or another. We look out for one another, and we share our journey together. From time to time there may be some "off-color" humor, or jokes that are more "adult" in nature. Decisions regarding acceptability will be made by the moderator, but in the history of the Ancient Riders, no such decision has ever had to be made. Try to exercise good taste, and remember the varied audience that will be reading your posts.


ORDO EQUESTER VENEFICUS: Q: What does our motto actually mean??

A: The "Order of Sorcerer Horsemen"


ANCIENT RIDER COUNCIL OF ELDERS: The Council of Elders is the ruling body of the Ancient Riders. It is made up of seven members who have been with the group since the beginning. The Council is responsible for resolving any issues that might affect the future of the Ancient Riders. The Council Charter is located in the Files section of the Yahoo website in MS Word, .PDF, and 'plain text' formats. If you have trouble reading or downloading the files, please contact the moderator.


ANCIENT RIDER PATCHES: We have 5" patches for sale at $5.00 (US) each. Any List Member of the Ancient Riders is welcome to purchase and wear the 5" patch. For information about how to obtain a large (8" or 11") patch, refer to the Vested Membership section beow. If you would like to purchase a 5" patch, you can do so via PayPal, or by money order. All the information you need is in the Members Only section of the website. Refer to the information below for access to the Members Only area.


VESTED MEMBERSHIP: It is possible, after being a member of the Ancient Riders Yahoo list (a "List Member") for a period of one year, to become a Vested Member of the Ancient Riders. This requires that you meet, ride with, and spend some time getting to know an existing Vested Member. If this works out, you may be sponsored for Vested Membership. Only Vested Members may wear the large Ancient Riders patch. For more information, refer to the Files section of the Yahoo site, in the Member Information folder, click on the file "Vested Membership Information".


OUR ANCIENT RIDER WEBSITE: We have our own website you can visit at There is a Members Only section there where you can purchase an Ancient Riders patch, visit the Council Chamber to meet the Council of Elders, read all about our next Gathering, or see who currently holds the Ancient Rider Cowbell Award! To access the Members Only section of our website, use the email address that you subscribe to the group with for both the username AND the password. But only use whatever appears to the left of the "@" in your email address. For example, if the email address you are subscribed to the list with were "" then your login is "john.doe" and your password is also "jon.doe". If your email address is "" then your login and password are both "BigLarry84". If you have any trouble accessing the Members Only area, email the moderator at


OUR YAHOO WEBSITE: You can visit our Yahoo Groups home page at We are a fairly prolific group, and if you have missed anything, you may find it helpful to catch up on some of our recent threads. There are also many photo albums posted by our members, a Member FAQ, and a database of our favorite riding tunes. AR Databases: There are a number of databases on the Yahoo site for the use of our members that you can find here: -- Ancient Rider FAQ | for general questons & answers -- AR's Favorite Riding Tunes | a collection of our favorite riding music. -- Ancient Rider recipes | a collection of some of our favorite recipes. -- AR Community Closet | a place to list items you may want to get rid of, or seach for something you need. -- AR Contact Information | a database for Member Contact Information. We use this for any AR members who would like to find and ride with their fellow AR brothers and sisters. Adding your personal information to the Member Contact list is 100% optional, but it is a good way to know where your fellow members are, and how to contact them for a ride! Just go to the Yahoo Groups page (URL above) and click on "Databases" and then "Member Contact Information" - or follow the database link above.


OUR GALLOREE Store Front WEBSITE: In addition to Ancient Rider merchandise directly from us through Paypal... Ancient Riders has our very own store front through Galloree where you can purchase tee-shirts, coffee mugs and more with the Ancient Rider logo!  **From that page you will also see we have a new 3rd party T-shirt and other logo stuff shoppe available in single order quantities at:     **Shoppers Code Needed to order all our cool items   - JOIN and get the code.


NEW*   This custom store front allows a % to help add funds to ARMA operating costs! Help us meet shortfalls in ordering patches, etc.  To Shop use entry code: ARMA2017  (and a capcha to prove you're human). Then all you do is pick a design then view possible products to put it on. Additional designs may be added at any time, Member Artwork also welcomed for consideration!


THE ANNUAL GATHERING OF ANCIENT RIDERS: Starting in 2007, members of the Ancient Riders have gathered together once a year. That first year it was in Memphis, TN. In 2008 we gathered in Maine, and in '09 the Gathering was in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Our next Gathering is in Deal's Gap, North Carolina the second weekend in July, 2010. Make sure to check our website ( for information about this years Gathering. You'll find everything you want to know in the Members Only section.


ANCIENT RIDERS ON FACEBOOK: Many AR members also happen to have Facebook accounts. As another way for us all to stay in touch, we have created a group on Facebook called "Ancient Riders". If you have a Facebook account and would also like to join our AR group, just do a search under Groups for "Ancient Riders".

CONTACTING THE MODERATOR: If you have any problems of concerns you would like to address off-list, you can contact the Ancient Rider's moderator by sending email to:


LAST WORD: We sincerely hope that you have a pleasant experience here. You are among your Brothers and Sisters. Be yourself. Be at peace. We are pleased you are here.

"I stand for the Ancient Riders and the

Ancient Riders stand for me!"