Hello, Thank you for contacting the Ancient Riders new web presence! 

Our members are from everywhere.  Generally, we keep in touch over the internet and plan riding trips together. 

We'd like to know a little about you, when you ask to join. We will be asking the following questions (ensuring you are not a bot) before you are approved.  Joining with intent to simply solicit is not welcomed.

How did you find us?

Did an existing member refer you?

What do you ride (front or back seat)?

**Where do you hail from (city, state or providence)? This will help in meeting others and keeping possible name repeats straight.

We also ask that once your application has been approved you visit our forum and look in the introduction section. Yes the questions are pretty much the same but this allows the other members to get to know you also.


There is a Sign Up link on each page. 

Thank you. ;-)