Terms of Use

Joining ARMA is defined as officially joining and possessing a login to access member-only information on this site or whatever the official site of record is

currently to date.  

By requesting to join you acknowledge and accept:


-that you are of a pagan spiritual path, and a motorcyclist (past, present, front or back seat welcomed).   If these attributes change, it is requested that you unsubscribe or let a COE member know. 

-That you will conduct yourself with tolerance and respect for each other despite differences.  See Old School Biker Etiquette image below, and always comply with standard internet code of conduct and etitique rules. 

-that your general contact information (nickname, email) will be added to a roster sorted by state locations. This enables everyone to find and connect with others who share this niche lifestyle.

*ARMA, or Ancient Riders.org by discretion of its Council of Elders, reserves the right to block, drop or expel any category of member who does not support our values expressed throughout our Website and Charter, has misrepresented themselves or eligibility to join, have become abusive to others or behave dishonorably in representing our Association.  


This may apply to members whose contact information (profile, email, phone number, etc.) are no longer valid and cannot be reached.  In this case, the member may rejoin, but will lose any prior tenure status.



Blessed Be.