Meet the Council of Elders

Council of Elders

" Tribal elders remember the past.

They tell us how things were long ago.

Their advice is valuable because they have seen things go wrong
and things go right.

They have grown up and grown old with the tribe and so,
hold the tribe dearly in their hearts."


The Council of Elders was born of the Ancient Riders in 2008, and was conceived to ensure that the Ancient Riders continue to remain the amazing place that it has become. In any matters of importance that affect the status or future of the Ancient Riders, the Council will convene.   The Council's sole purpose is to act as the final word on matters affecting the group, and to always act in the best interests of the Ancient Riders.   ~  Ordo Equester Veneficus

Council of Elders Past

Current: Council of Elders


Clem has also been a member from the old pagan_biker days, and always offers a practical view of the issues facing the group. Clem can also fix or build just about anything.


Our brother Monk joined the Council in 2014 after serving for more than two years as our Treasurer. Monk works tirelessly keeping track of all our finances and merchandise, and brings his energy and business sense to the Council of Elders.


Brother Wayne has been a loyal member since the early days.  He's a true renaissance man for all occassions, and an old skool biker too.  His amicable, easy going nature and simple logic approach to problem solving will be another welcomed asset in steering towards the future. 

Voodou Scott

Voodou has been around since 2012 and always exhibits his fun and friendly 'character'.  He's energetic and enthusiastic about contributing his creative talents and a much needed addition to the growing tech needs of ARMA today. 


RoZ is a valuable member of the Ancient Riders, and another member that has been with the family since the pagan_biker days. RoZ always brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and a good perspective

Our sister Owl was invited to fill a Council opening in 2016.  Her warmth and welcoming social-butterfly skills reminds us why we're here- to get to know more pagan bikers, and share the journey of life's wisdom along the way.

Our sister Sherri is a true Tribe Elder- having been here since the Pagan Biker days.  She brings an extensive amount of leadership experience- both as a biker and as a pagan priestess.

We're here because of our genuine interest and concern for ARMA and its values.

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