Eligibility:  Any person who self identifies as pagan and motorcyclist and supports our values and purposes is eligible to apply for membership.

There are three levels of membership.

ARMA "Listed" Member

(a) "List member": A member of the Ancient Riders internet presence.  Signed up HERE at this website. 

If you are a Legacy member of Yahoo Ancient Riders group, located at:   -- PLEASE RESIGN UP HERE.


Requirements for list members are:
(1) 18 years old or 16 years old with a parent/guardian’s permission.
(2) Support our purposes (as defined in section 2.01).

ARMA Vested Member -
                      fully invested in the sustainability of the tribe.

(b) "Fully Vested Member": A Vested member is a member who has been approved for full ARMA membership by a majority vote of the CoE, and who may wear the official large ARMA patch .The Requirements for becoming Vested are somewhat intangible.

For more information, refer to the Members Only section of the ARMA website.


Considerations for Vesting include:

(1) At least 18 years old.

(2) Be an active contributing list member for more than one (1) year.

(3) Current or recent experience actually riding a motorcycle (either as ‘driver’ or ‘passenger’)

and be a motorcycle enthusiast.

(4) Self identifies as Pagan (as defined in section 2.01 {c}).

(5) Sponsored by a Vested member in good standing.

(6) Once the CoE agrees to Vest a member, the CoE will ask the other Vested Members for any objections of merit before sending an invitation to become vested with disclosure to the responsibilities, and expectations of that level commitment.

ARMA Supporter

(c) "ARMA Supporter": Any person of any age that does not meet requirements of “a” or“b” of this section but accompanies members to Gatherings or rides, and in any waysupports ARMA, such as (but not limited to ) spouses who are not Pagan or children not yet old enough to join .

If you are not both a pagan and a biker, but perhaps are one of these, you can join us on Facebook at the link below.  However, you must know a current member who will vouch for your character before your admittance is approved. 

How do I become a Vested Member?

This is perhaps our most frequently asked question. It is not a simple one because we are not the type of group that you might be expecting. We are not the usual riding club with basic membership rules like sign up, do your time, pay your dues and you're in. In fact, there is no "IN" in the usual sense.

When this group began we got together and found that we had surprisingly and quite accidentally become a family. As we grew and found the need to become more organized we vowed that we would always remain family first. So although the answer to "how do I join your club?" would be straight forward and simple, the answer is more difficult when the question becomes "how do I become a part of your family?"

When you become part of a family there are no set steps to follow. You begin by coming  in (join the online forum) and getting to know everyone. It is important to remember that as a family the relationship works both ways. Where you might join a club to see if you like it or not, and just leave if you don't, becoming part of a family is more complicated. Leaving is more like a divorce. This is not something you want to do based simply on whether or not you like our patch.

From our viewpoint, when new people want to join into a relationship with us but do not really know us,  it makes us a bit skeptical. To us this seems like poor decision making on their part. New people should want to know as much about us as we want to know about them. We are people who share thanksgiving together, we come to each others weddings and some day we will stand at each others funerals. You simply don't sign up to hold the hands of the sick and share the intimate times of your life with people you don't know. The decision to be a part of this tribe starts with you getting to know as many of us as possible and deciding exactly how you feel about spending time with us.

For our part we will do the same. We will make an effort to ride and spend time with anyone who joins and participates in the yahoo group. But the question of vesting will have to wait. It will wait until we get to know you very very well, it will wait until we can assess your level of commitment, and it will wait until we all come to feel that intangible quality, the feeling that here is a person who "gets it".

That's not something that you can make happen and there are no steps that you can go through to get there. In actuality it can be easier than working through  a list of rules. All you have to do is come on in, hang out, make friends and have fun. Don't worry about things like vesting. That's not what's important to us. To us it's all about building a family and building a tribe, so just start by coming along and making friends.